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We are accepting submission of research communications, regular articles, reviews, perspectives, highlights, technical notes, book reviews, and essays for upcoming issues in 2016 without charging any article processing fees upto December 31, 2016. We are working on our online submission system; however, authors can submit their manuscript as an email attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Peer Review

All submitted manuscripts will be initially evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief or the assigned editor. If the manuscript appears scientifically sound and acceptable then it will be sent to three external reviewers. The corresponding a uthor may suggest two or three potential reviewers and their contact information such as institutional email, phone number including their personal website or Google scholar profile (if any). Reviewers should be experts and very knowledgeable related to the submitted manuscript. Those reviewers should not be from the same institution, relative, friend, or collaborator. The assigned editor may choose none or one reviewer from the suggested names depends on the expertise of the reviewers.


Authors should be very careful about Plagiarism . Before processing any article, we will check every manuscript whether it contains any plagiarized element or not. All submitted manuscripts should be original in the context of writing and scientific merit. Authors are not allowed to use parts from any other articles and nor from his or her own articles.

Submission Declaration

Before submitting your article to Can. Chem. Trans., authors should declare that the submitted manuscript has not been published in other journals in any format (except in the form of abstract in conference presentation and in academic thesis), not accepted for publication, and not currently under review for publication in any journal.

Authorship and Consent from All Authors

Only those who have significant contributions including developed research concept, performed relatvent experiments, and written the manuscirpt can be included as authors. All submitted manuscripts must have contact information of all authors including email addresses of all authors. The corresponding author must take consent from all authors before submission. After receiving the submission, we will notify all authors regarding it.

Copyright Materials

If a manuscript contains figures and tables from other publishers then the corresponding author must collect the copyright permission from the publishers to reproduce the figures and tables. Without copyright permission the author should not reuse any figure or table in his or her manuscript.

Resolving Academic Misconduct Retated to Scitentific Publishing

We resolve all academic misconduct related to scientific publishing according the code of conduct recommended by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) as a non-member. Please see the flowcharts for possible misconducts and the resolving steps. Please note that copyright of the flowchart and other contents are reserved by COPE.

Open Access

Canadian Chemical Transactions follows open access policy in which authors retain the copyright of the article under Creative Commons Attribution license ( /d0c988ba2744befb4846ae40ed87b577/licenses/by/3.0/ ).

More about open access can be found in the following sites:

Open Access  Video 101, From SPARC

Types of Article

Communication: should be brief and report original research of high significance

Research article: can be any length, report original research in the field of chemical science and technology

Review: can be any length, present in-depth analysis and critical aspects of the current chemical research

Mini-review: should be article size of 7-12 pages, same as review article, number of reference should not be more than 50

Perspective: should report personal view on a particular issue or topic in chemical science and technology

Highlight: should be 3-5 pages long, report recently published new results in any field of chemical science, not more than 30 references

Technical Notes: reports new methods, synthesis route, material design related to experimental techniques; and new programs, softwares, theoretical models for computational analysis

Teaching articles: reports new concept and philosophy related to teaching; new laboratory techniques for high school and undergraduate class; new software, media, and computational approaches for learning chemical sciences

Essay: should write in an interesting way on any theme in science and technology, history of science, philosophy of science

Emerging and Distinguished Scientists: write a story about them, their struggles in lab and life, and their passions for science and society.

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts that do not follow the instructions will be returned to authors without review.

1. Use MS word file with default letter (22 x 28 cm) layout for preparing your manuscript

2. Please include figures, tables, and schemes in the text, not place them at the end of the manuscript nor put them in separate files.

3. Use Times New Roman with font size of 12 including double spacing. Also incorporate line number for manuscript

Title : Should be concise, informative, and eye catching. Font size of the title should be 18 with bold

Name of Authors : Full first and last name with middle initial, for example,  Peter R. Schneider

Authors affiliation ; and email, phone, fax (if available) of the corresponding author

Abstract , minimum 150 words

Keywords , four to ten words or phrases

Manuscript should follow the format below



2.1 Sub Section of Experimental

2.2 Sub section of Experimental and so on


3.1 Sub Section of Result and Discussion

3.2 Sub Section of Result and Discussion and so on




Supporting Information (should be submitted as a separate file along with the manuscript; applicable for IR, NMR, MS data, and cartesian coordinates or z-matrix)

Figures and Tables: Insert all figures and tables in the text. Figure and scheme caption/title should be placed beneath the figure and scheme. However, table caption/title should be placed on the top.

Graphical abstract or table of content: Authors should include a graphical abstract as an image file such as JPEG, PNG, BMP while submitting their manuscript


In-text citation:

Because of prolonged and strenuous exercise the body consumes glutamine from both the blood plasma and the skeletal muscles [ 1-6 ].

Recently, Luther et al. [ 40 ] reported the performance of ZnO incorporated with 1.3 eV PbS QDs with an overall power conversion efficiency of 2.94%.

In a very recent study , Santra and Kamat [ 52 ] claimed to achieve an efficiency of 5.42% for a CdS/CdSe based solar cell fabricated by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) approach presented in Figure 8 .

Book: Robinson, N. E.; Robinson, A. B. Molecular Clocks: Deamidation of Asparaginyl and Glytaminyl Resides in Peptide and Proteins. Althouse Pree, Cave Junction, Oregon.; 2004.

Edited Book: Gbalin-Kurti, G. G. Wavepacket Theory of Photodissociation and Reactive Scattering. In Advances in Chemical Physics ; Rice, S. A., Ed.; Wiley: New York, 2004; Vol. 128; p 257.

Article: Santra, P. K.; Kamat, P. V. Mn-doped Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells: A Strategy to Boost Efficiency Over 5%. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2012 , 134 , 2508-2511.

Web: Suntech. (accessed on 8 September 2012)

Thesis: Halim, M. A. A Trojan Horse in Amino Acid Metabolism: A Computational Approach. MSc Dissertation, Memorial University, St. John's, NL, Canada, 2012.

Journal Abbreviations: Please follow the link for correct abbreviations of the journal name, CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service)

Editorial Work Flow

Editor's Decision

Not appropriate for review in the present form, author may resubmit after the corrections

Accepted without any modification or correction

Accepted after minor revisions

Accepted after major revisions

Not appropriate for publication in the present form and substantial revisions required for future submission

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