Canadian Chemical Transactions

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Ian D. Hosein
Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA
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Online Edition ISSN 2291-6466


Canadian chemical transactions ( Can. Chem. Trans. ) aims to create a borderless platform (through open access publishing) in scientific research focusing on the field of chemical science and technology, in which researchers across the globe can share their knowledge, with the common purpose of achieving a sustainable world. This journal publishes original and high quality experimental and theoretical scientific papers, including communications, regular articles, reviews, perspectives, highlights, technical notes, book reviews, teaching articles, and essays in chemical science and its interrelated areas.

We are also interested to know about emerging and distinguished scientists in your school, college, and university who relentlessly inspire you for science and people. Write and submit a story about them, their struggles in lab and life, and their passions for science and society .

Canadian Chemical Transactions is published by Borderless Science Publishing (BN: 836816-3), a non-profit organization registered with Industry Canada, for promoting science without borders and barriers.

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Articles Published in 2013                           24

Articles Published in 2014                           41

Articles Published in 2015                           37

Articles Published in 2016                           27

Total Citation in last two years                    238   ( Google Scholar )

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